What Ever Happened to Consideration for Others?

We’re living in a “me first” society, and it needs to go.

Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

When I was growing up, I learned to respect my elders, think of others before myself, and be a good neighbor. I don’t know if that was a generational thing or if society has changed so drastically since I was a kid. Still, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of consideration for others lately, which I find incredibly frustrating.

We’ve somehow evolved into a “me first” society where everyone seems to think they are the most notable, most important person on the planet. The mentality seems to be: “If it’s not bothering me, then it must be okay.” Sorry, but the world doesn’t work that way. Your actions affect others, both positively and negatively, and you should be aware of that fact.

Politeness seems to be a foreign concept for most people in this day and age. A little “please” and “thank you” can go a long way towards keeping someone happy, and it’s honestly not that hard. Working in retail, I pretty much expect people to be rude for no reason at this point, but why is this deemed acceptable? When did being polite become such a hardship? Why do we allow this behavior to continue?

Being a good neighbor isn’t that difficult either when you think about it. Don’t make loud noises at all hours of the day (particularly late at night), and when your neighbor politely asks you to stop doing something that is bothering them, you stop doing it!

Why would you purposely continue using obnoxious behavior when you know it bothers someone?

The answer goes back to that “me first” mentality I mentioned. If you think you’re the only one who matters in any given situation, you’re likely going to continue whatever you’re doing because it doesn’t negatively affect you.

Personally, I can’t comprehend thinking that way. I will generally always put others before myself, within reason. That’s just who I am. If you tell me I’m bothering you, I will stop. If I don’t understand why my behavior is bothering you, I will ask for clarification.

Communication is another thing that is lacking between people these days. No one wants to engage with people they don’t know. I’m an introvert, so on the surface, I understand the desire to ignore everyone else and do my own thing — but that’s not realistic for all situations. Sometimes, communication is essential. We will never resolve conflicts unless both parties understand the issues and resolve to fix them.

The bottom line is that we all have to share this planet. Why not do our best to make the experience as pleasant as possible for each other? Take a moment to stop and think about the other people around you. Consider how your actions affect others — and resolve to change if your behavior is becoming problematic.

How do you want people to remember you? I can almost guarantee you wouldn’t want people to think of you as an inconsiderate jerk. Why not check yourself now, while you are still able to change things for the better?

I am a 38 year old dreamer who is living with Scoliosis. I’m an avid reader and a total nerd at heart. I like to share my thoughts on things.

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