Goodbye, Supernatural. You Will Be Missed.

But your legacy will live on forever.

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Today marks the end of an era. The CW show, Supernatural, ends a remarkable 15 season run, officially making it one of the longest-running scripted shows in television history. Not bad for a show that always seemed to be on the fence when it came to renewal time.

As we approached the end of this week, I found myself asking, “How do I sum up the phenomenon that is Supernatural?” Words are so woefully inadequate sometimes. But love it or hate it, there is no denying the long-lasting impact this show has had on people, myself included. Some people will scoff and say, “it’s just a tv show,” but it has become so much more than that in reality.

The Beginning

I started watching Supernatural midway through its 8th season. I had no idea what I was getting myself into or the life-changing road ahead of me. I quickly binge-watched the first seven and a half seasons in time to watch the remainder of season eight live. I instantly became hooked, and I have never looked back.

So what is it about this show? What makes it different from every other show out there?

On the surface, it’s just a program about two brothers traveling on the road fighting monsters. Over the years, it has evolved from a monster-of-the-week format to include an overarching storyline involving angels, demons, Heaven, Hell, God, and everything in between. But it’s what happened outside of the show that truly makes it unique.

Finding Family

The show’s central theme has always been “Family don’t end with blood,” and we have all taken that to heart. The fandom became known as the SPN Family. Over the years, the cast and the fans have created a reciprocal relationship. They love us just as much as we love them. We like to think of ourselves as one big wacky family.

Along the way, I’ve watched the connection between cast members blossom into unique relationships. I’ve also watched the bonds growing between fans. What’s more remarkable to me is that the usual boundary lines between actor and fan have become blurred — the cast has formed meaningful bonds with fans. It’s honestly like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it all.

I’ve been dreading this day all week. Not just because the show is ending (although that alone is enough to make me sad), but because everything I have gained as a result has made it so much more meaningful.

This show introduced me to the concept of fandom. I have made so many amazing friends through our mutual love of the show and the cast. I would never have known these people even existed otherwise, let alone have the chance to meet them in person. Once I discovered fandom and started attending Supernatural conventions, my entire world expanded.

I’ve been able to travel to places I would never have dreamed of going to and made so many memories that I will cherish forever. The show may be ending, but the friendships I’ve gained will live on long after the dust has settled.

So no — it’s not just a tv show. Not to me. And not to a lot of other fans. And that’s what makes it so much harder to say goodbye — because this show started it all.

Saying Goodbye

I didn’t think I was still emotionally invested in the show itself at this point, but I get a little teary-eyed every time I think about it being over. Sam and Dean Winchester have been a part of my life every week for the last eight years. (Some people have been with them almost twice as long.) I am invested in their journey, whether I like it or not. I’ve formed an emotional attachment to all of these characters, mostly due to the actors that portray them.

When I think of Supernatural, it’s not just the show that comes to mind. It’s all of the con memories. It’s watching the actors rally behind causes that matter. It’s watching the fandom pull together to accomplish amazing things. It’s the friendships made, the things I’ve learned about myself, and the incredible journey we’ve all undertaken together.

To the cast and crew of Supernatural, I want to say thank you. Thank you for creating this show, bringing these characters to life, and keeping it going for so many years. Thank you for being so kind to your fans and so willing to share your hearts with us. Thank you for rallying us together over the years to accomplish great things in the name of charity. Thank you for the incredible ride. You changed my life, and I will be forever grateful to all of you.

We may be saying goodbye to the show tonight, but its legacy will live on forever. The “little show that could” has far surpassed anyone’s expectations, and I’d say that’s one heck of an accomplishment.

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I am a 38 year old dreamer who is living with Scoliosis. I’m an avid reader and a total nerd at heart. I like to share my thoughts on things.

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