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I have seen several people compile all of their Medium stories into a Table of Contents or Index, and it seemed like a great idea. I decided to follow suit.

All of my articles are organized by topic below to make it easier to find the pieces that might interest you.

I will update this Index as I post new articles.

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Some surprising things I’ve discovered during my first three months of writing.

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When I first started writing on Medium back at the end of August, I thought it was just going to be a casual hobby. People have always told me that I have a way with words. I thought, what better way to express myself than by using a platform where anyone is allowed to publish anything? I had no clue that it was merely the beginning of a journey I sorely needed to undertake.

As I write this, I have just completed my third full month of writing. I initially expected to write a handful of articles about things I enjoy or have firsthand experience with and move on with my life. Maybe earn a little pocket change while I was at it. When I undertake new hobbies, I usually get bored pretty quickly, after all. …

Here’s what I’ve learned on my six-week hiatus from reality.

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I don’t think anyone would dispute that this year has been a colossal challenge. I know I’m not alone when I say that the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on my mental health over the last several months.

As a cashier in a grocery store, I suddenly found myself deemed an “Essential Worker,” and I was woefully unprepared for the impact this new role would have on my mental state. Working during this period has become increasingly stressful.

A close friend recently informed me that I was nearing my breaking point and convinced me that I needed to take a hiatus from work as soon as possible. …

But your legacy will live on forever.

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Today marks the end of an era. The CW show, Supernatural, ends a remarkable 15 season run, officially making it one of the longest-running scripted shows in television history. Not bad for a show that always seemed to be on the fence when it came to renewal time.

As we approached the end of this week, I found myself asking, “How do I sum up the phenomenon that is Supernatural?” Words are so woefully inadequate sometimes. But love it or hate it, there is no denying the long-lasting impact this show has had on people, myself included. …

Clothing should not be gender-specific

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In Vogue magazine’s December issue, numerous photographs feature Harry Styles donning various dresses and kilts. It appears to have immediately propelled the world into a frenzy. The assertion that “Men don’t wear dresses” is such an old-fashioned, cliched notion that is, frankly, far outdated in 2020.

What exactly is the big deal here?

Apparel should not be gender-specific in this day and age, especially considering our concept of gender has expanded exponentially in recent years. If a girl wants to don a tuxedo or a guy wants to rock a frilly dress, more power to them! …

Minimum wage employees are not lesser human beings.

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When it comes to discussions about minimum wage jobs, there is no shortage of negative opinions. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard people say, “if you want a higher wage, go to school and get a better job,” as if anyone working for minimum wage is somehow a lesser human being.

Another favorite that people like to throw out there is, “those types of jobs are meant for students. They’re not meant to be lifelong careers.”

Just because someone works in a grocery store or a fast-food restaurant (whether by choice or necessity), they are undeserving of a proper living wage? …

A poem about the frustration of living with chronic pain.

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Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

They say, “How are you?” and you say ... “Fine.”
They say, “Are you okay?” and you say … “Sure.”
But you’re not.

They say, “Sitting down on the job again?” and you say ... “Yup, I am.”
They say, “Oh, you have the easy job, huh?” and you say … “yeah.”
They say, “Smile!” ... and you do.
But the smile doesn’t reach your eyes.

They don’t see what’s underneath the surface.
They can’t — and you really don’t want them to anyways.

So you put on a brave face, and you keep moving forwards because what else can you do?

There is no changing it. There is no fixing it.
There is no end in sight ... and that is the hardest part.

Why we’re craving the return of live concerts

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KISS puts on a show like no one else could. (Photo by author)

“Why is everyone so craving for live concerts to return? What is the appeal?”

When someone asked the above question on an online platform, I immediately started making a mental list of all the reasons as I am an avid concert-goer.

Who could have ever imagined a year without live music?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced us to adjust how we experience things for the moment — no concerts, no live theatre, no movies — and it has shocked us to the core. We’ve started putting things on hold for the greater good.

So what’s the big deal? Why are we missing live music so much right now? …

We’re living in a “me first” society, and it needs to go.

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Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

When I was growing up, I learned to respect my elders, think of others before myself, and be a good neighbor. I don’t know if that was a generational thing or if society has changed so drastically since I was a kid. Still, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of consideration for others lately, which I find incredibly frustrating.

We’ve somehow evolved into a “me first” society where everyone seems to think they are the most notable, most important person on the planet. The mentality seems to be: “If it’s not bothering me, then it must be okay.” Sorry, but the world doesn’t work that way. …

And I have zero regrets.

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Screenshot from my Dominic Monaghan Cameo video. Disclaimer: I did NOT ask him to be shirtless! (Photo by Author)

I’ve been aware of Cameo for a while now. A website where you can obtain shout-outs from your favorite celebrities is a novel idea. While I found this an intriguing concept, it never held enough appeal to open my wallet.

But then 2020 came along and brought a global pandemic into the mix. Suddenly, all of the entertaining outlets I used to spend money on — concerts, conventions, movies, live theater — were no longer an option. Fun and recreation became foreign concepts. My days consisted solely of going to work and returning home. …


Jennifer MacDonald

I am a 38 year old dreamer who is living with Scoliosis. I’m an avid reader and a total nerd at heart. I like to share my thoughts on things.

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